Apple blossom collage with sketchbook and photographic studies

Paper-cut Collage – Apple Blossom

The apple blossom is beautiful again this year. This paper-cut collage began with photos and sketches, followed by painted paper-cut petals placed onto a sky-blue paper collage background .

Pure escapism in these uncertain times.

The delicate apple blossom swaying on the branch of apple tree was the inspiration for this paper-cut mixed media collage. Having experimented with different paper backgrounds I place the branch onto some hand-painted paper and work on a quick watercolour sketch.

The next step is to take some photos. From my selection I decide that the apple blossom silhouette creates a perfect negative space for simplifying the shape of the blossom against the blue background .

The next step is to choose the photo that will create the most dramatic, viewpoint and this one reminds me of the large scale flowers (including apple blossom) painted by Georgia O’Keeffe

To make the image fit the canvas I need to expand it to fit to size. This is done by dividing the image in four and scanning each quarter and printing it as a full page to create a template for my collage.

Once I have finished the background, I cut out the expanded image and the surround becomes the negative space for the collage.

Putting it all together

Each petal is cut out individually. It is painted using acrylic paints, using shading to create the appearance of the paper-like delicacy of the blossom.

The next stage is to work on the centre. I am using ideas based on my 3D paper flower making techniques because the centres always make the most impact.

Working on the centre of the blossom is slow going. I have to stop, have a cup of tea, and wait for the paint and the adhesive to dry!

Finally … the paper-cut collage takes shape

Play with placing the apple blossom collage under the apple tree.

Capturing the detail of the petals against the sky-blue background.

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Many thanks, I hope you have enjoyed reading through the stages of creating this collage. I hope it will inspire you to create some artworks of your own. As I said in the beginning of this piece, this is pure escapism!!!