“Beautiful Bouquets” at A la Ronde

Today I visited the “Beautiful Bouquets” Exhibition at A la Ronde, taking the opportunity to see the different arrangements within the room settings of this extraordinary house.  I took a photo of my display (without a flash!) as it was so lovely to see it positioned on the beautifully polished wooden table with Parminter artefacts and the light streaming in from the window behind. My 3D flower display is a celebration of the creativity of Jane and Mary Parminter, their beautiful, imaginative home and their love of silhouettes and papercuts.

The inspiration for my domed arrangement comes from those in the A la Ronde collection.  I particularly love the stunning shellwork vase of flowers under a glass dome that can be found on display in the house.

My flower petals are cut from hand-painted and tinted papers and curled to make a range of exotic colourful blooms and ferns.  Included within the dome are some of my handmade succulents and airplants. I have used pieces of driftwood, a glass vase, beads and stones to provide structure and stability for the fragile paper petals. The chunky rope handle, attached to the dome, has become an integral part of the display.

The links below will give more information about the exhibition and A la Ronde:

Beautiful Bouquets, Monday 1st October – Sunday 28th October. 11am – 5pm , A la Ronde, Exmouth EX8 5D