Papercut and plants, Stepladder and Sketches by irena boobyer

Papercuts and Plants, Stepladders and Sketches.

Papercuts and plants, Stepladders and Sketches.

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Having fallen off the ladder in the first place I didn’t want to ever stand on it again but also didn’t want to throw it away.

Luckily it makes a great plantstand.

Whereas the sketch was the inspiration I’ve also used my photo as the basis for the cut out.

I was interested to see how I would get on with my hand in a splint. As I’m left-handed cutting out wasn’t too bad although I did keep the splint on in case I forgot and started using my bad thumb to manoeuvre the paper.  I did scan my papercut into the Cricut Design Space and created a frame.

I found the plant background paper in my ‘stash’, adds to the ambiance, methinks!

Creating  collages of ladder, plant and splint sketches and papercut card are the grand finale for the thumb fracture debacle.

This card is now available on the lovefromtheartist website.

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