Woodland Series Papercut Mixed Media Collage IBoobyer

Woodland Papercut collage and mixed media designs


Back in February I contacted Hawkridge Bird of Prey Centre about using their photos as inspiration. These would be for a new collection of papercut collage and mixed media designs.

“Hi, I have just been looking at some fabulous birds of prey photos that have come through on my newsfeed. Would you mind if I used some of them as inspiration for some papercut collage? …. If the paper cuts come out well, I would like to exhibit them and one will certainly go to my granddaughter who loves owls and loves seeing them on display!”

“Hi Irena that is fine , we look forward to seeing the finished piece , 👍”

“Thank you✂🦉️”

This cute little owl has become the inspiration for some papercut collage and mixed media designs inspired by landscape, wildlife and the natural world.

Finished pieces will be feature in the Torbay Art Show

Making the papercut collage and mixed media designs

The papercut collage developed in three stages beginning with a torn-paper background and including handpainted and printed papercut and collage.

  1. For the background I blended woodland blues, greens, ochre and sienna inks together, imagining myself on a woodland walk.
  2. My papercut trees and branches were scissor cut using a single fold technique then collaged onto the background landscape.
  3. The final stage involved creating the owls. Some were painted, textured and collaged multiple times. They were very experimental, reminding me of my teaching days in the classroom with pupils of all ages and abilities. I included using mixed media and a gel-plate to create texture. Others were cut from a single folded piece of paper to include owls, trees and branches in one papercut.

A collection of papercut collage and mixed media owls waiting and resting in the woodland among the papercut trees will be on show at

Torbay Art Show, 21/22 March 2020.

Another will be making its way to my lovely grandaughter and yet some more will hopefully land at the Poltimore Art Show 2020, July 11th and 12th.