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Pigeon Papercuts – Stay Alert – Business as Usual?

This post is written as the Coronavirus lockdown is easing but life is not quite Business as Usual. The message is still to Stay Alert.

The Pigeon Papercuts have been inspired by lockdown photographs and sketches These studies became starting points for this series of work

Papercut Pigeon overlooking Exmouth in coronavirus lockdown
Papercut Pigeon overlooking Exmouth in coronavirus lockdown

In early April 2020, I recorded that few cars were on the road and even fewer people were to be seen.

Businesses were closed as well as staff being furloughed.

My sketches, photographs and studies became my way of recording the extraordinary world unfolding around me.

Early on in lockdown, from a rooftop window I took photos and made sketches of the empty scenes in the distance below.

Ink study of view of Parade fromtop flat Arcadia Garage Stay AlertExmouth
Exmouth during lockdownIBoobyer

Only the pigeons seemed to be carrying on as usual as if the Coronavirus had never occurred.

Was it really business as usual? Did the pigeon in the photograph want to be part of a bigger picture?

This photo drew my attention because of the pattern and contrast. I took it whilst looking out over the town and experiencing the eerie silence of lockdown.

I loved the patterns on the wall opposite and the railings below as well as the slope of the roof and the angle of the pigeon’s neck.

The monochrome values of the image were a papercutter’s dream scenario!

Photo study for Pigeon Papercut Irena Boobyer
Stay Alert, lockdown pigeon for papercut, Irena Boobyer

The idea of including some text came to me. Pigeons make sounds but what would they say?

“Stay Alert. Stay Alert”.

Daily News briefings were a constant reminder to Stay Alert. Perhaps this is why the pigeons decided to spread the message?

Irena Boobyer Pigeon Papercut Coronavirus lockdown demonstration in Blog post
Pigeon Papercuts – Irena Boobyer
Paperfolding and papercutting iboobyer
Pigeon papercut quartet iboobyer
Pigeon papercut quartet iboobyer

Papercut Pigeons demonstrate that, in the life of a paperpapercutter, it really can be Business as Usual!